David B. Grinberg

Another point to add to the list:
* Also consult a constitutional law expert/attorney, as well as national free speech advocacy groups that protect the cherished First Amendment rights all citizens hold dear. Free speech and free expression makes America a shining beacon of hope and democracy in the global community.

Free speech groups and legal/educational defense funds span the ideological spectrum because free speech is an inherent cornerstone of our democractic form of government.
Moreover, check relevant case law. The US Supreme Court has historically upheld broad free speech rights under a wide variety of circumstances and situations.
Let’s remember that good ‘ole Uncle Sam is not an authoritarian regime that suppresses open speech by the general populace and crushes criticism and dissent of public or private institutions. Freedom of speech is a critically important way of life which distinguishes the USA from dictatorships and totalitarian governments around the world, such as China and North Korea, for example.
What an American citizen says or does in a personal capacity in their private time should be of no concern to government unless such speech is unlawful under the Constitution.