Amanda Parker

I have a family member who would likely agree with most of this article, except to say that it doesn’t go far enough. He is so distrustful of government he believes that we really ought not to have one. While many of his views are extreme, when I engage him in discussion he says some insightful things. One example that this article reminded me of had to do with public works projects.

For example, instead of a local jurisdiction raising taxes to improve a multitude of services, why not let the public decide when and how to spend their money. Technology could be utilized to fund public works projects “kickstarter-style”. Let members of a certain town get together, raise awareness and raise donations for, let’s say, the repaving of a Main St. in great need of repair. Perhaps a matching program with the local government to say projects get funded from the current pot of funds if citizens raise a percentage. This type of platform if far more participatory (and yes, local) so it may allow for government organizations to do more with more–and keep public trust.