Steve Ressler

We recently held a career fair and hear is a post with tips we wrote – https://www.govloop.com/profiles/blogs/top-tips-to-get-the-best-value-out-of-virtual-career-fairs-expert

It’s more from candidate perspective. For an agency, I’d recommend:

-Make sure you have ample staff in booths
-Make sure you can type fast – you’ll get a lot of questions in the booths and will want a few people in there typing quick and fast answers

-Bring your digital swag – people love the takeaways of 1-pagers and other documents that you can upload so people can download from your booth

-If you aren’t the “cool” agency, make sure to be proactive. Reach out 1 to 1 to attendees who are in the virtual hall who may have not stopped by your booth