J. Michael Munger

The city I work for certainly does have the normal accoutrements one would expect at city hall. But our new municipal building—Gold LEED Certified, I might add—shares the same footprint with the city’s tennis facility, the community center, the pool/water park, the amphitheater, and a large barrier-free playground. There are undoubtedly other cities with the same set-up, but I must say that it is conducive to a compact, universal, collaborative feeling.

Between council meetings, planning permits, the green market, swim lessons, food trucks, and movies or concerts at the amphitheater, everyone knows that if it is happening, it is happening at village center.

As far as multi-use of village hall itself, in the upstairs foyer the city’s art commission curates and displays art from local artists. I have seen many residents admiring the art, but for me as an employee it is a welcome dose of color in the middle of even the worst days.