Julie Chase
  • When a shutdown or sequester looms, why are we restricted from telling our employees anything but “The President is confident an agreement will be reached”?

Because….”It’s the you’ll know when I know.” This furlough is handled very differently (DoD), by agency, by command. Our tenant command has an “every Friday, total shutdown.” No one works. It solved the problem of the Labor Holiday conundrum where an employee (gets every other Friday-Monday for a 4 day weekend) loses out on the 5 day weekend during Labor Day. The bargaining unit would be involved, there would be grievances, so Friday is a total shutdown. Our command depends on the GS12 in charge of the organization. Our semi industrial office is doing every other Friday-Monday, and those who “chose”, we all got together by “grade”, WG, GS and worked it out. Our manager was very flexible so it all worked out. No union involved. Other offices told their employees “you pick either a Friday OR a Monday, no Friday-Monday.” So….it depends on who you work for. Sadly, the impact will not be felt, because “someone, a worker will always be there.” Our tenant command had the “RIGHT IDEA”, shut er down, the whole industrial complex, park the aircraft on the fence and I’ll see ya on Monday. Close the door turn out the ligths, there won’t be anyone there on Fridays or Friday night. (shift work)