Dave Hebert

Thanks, Bernetta. I like your presentation concept, too, and think that it’s an important one at a time when gov. employees are getting beat over the head.

In response to your comment: To a great extent, I don’t think we should expect to win the battle of public perception/appreciation.

Government is sort of like air conditioning: When it’s working well, we rarely say, “Boy, I just can’t get over how nice this a/c is — I think I’ll contact the manufacturer and praise them.” When it breaks, however …

I can accept that. What I can’t accept is that sort of dichotomy playing out inside of government. We serve at the involuntary pleasure of the taxpayer. We should therefore deliver the most efficient and effective government that tax dollars can provide. If we can’t attract and retain great employees with excellent pay and public glory, we should attract them by otherwise being a great place to work.