The amount of seriousness with which employees are taken increases in direct proportion to our visibility to the public.

Therefore it is in the employees’ interest to speak up in ways that enhance our collective and individual brands.

In addition the public trusts us more than they trust our bosses. So it is in the agencies’ interest as well to put us front and center.

To me the metric for goals in government should solely be return on investment. Win-win is where the employees’ interests and the employers’ interests align.

Whoever does not take employees seriously – whoever reduces their input to numbers – is not operating in a state of rational self-interest.

Also I agree with many of the sentiments here, but view the government (as an institution and as its individual leader-components) in a more benevolent light. I don’t think “they are out to get us” at all. Leadership and management in gov is a truly thankless job.