Julie Chase

You hit on the head. When we sent our non-networked (stand alone) laptops to IT as required (don’t ask), they put all their “bloat security ware” on it to the point, when we got it back the programs (software) we purchased (another long and boring story with no results), didn’t work. I kid you not. Mind you, this is a stand-alone. It does not connect to any gov network. To add insult to injury, the software programs that we have been purchasing, (the vendor) now requires that we purchase “on line”, and download it. The Dept of NO, and the bean counters, say NO. No downloading. Ok, so we can perform our mission without the software. They “are” working with us now to get us an internet line, (secure of course). We have completed yet another set of “approvals” paperwork….pages and pages of what, why, where, when and how. Hey, I don’t speak computer geek, I just “know” what our dept needs. A typical time line to order a laptop, takes just about 6 months. It doesn’t matter if it is non-networked or networked. Software takes about 3-4 months to get through all the approvals. Once it is ordered, it arrives within 5-7 business days. The “approvals” are what takes the longest.

Yes, I have about 8 passwords I use for different gov sites, DLA, DoDemall, GSA Advantage, the program I use everyday, the payroll program. And yes, it’s an alphabet soup of letters, numbers special characters no less than 15, that you are supposed to memorize.