Julie Chase

IT Security, the Department of “NO”.

My Dept: “We would like to use laptops for R&R of government, equipment, fleet vehicles, facilities repair and would like wireless capability to connect and dl the vendor software for such things as updates on new equipment, trouble codes for diagnostic purposes as it relates to fleet vehicles and MHE, trouble codes and standards on facility maint, water, lights, HVAC (not all of that is contracted out, thank goodness).”

IT Security, “NO, you can have that, too risky, a security risk.”

My Dept: “Actually, no, there is a usb type cord that plugs into the equipment from the laptop to the machine, vehicle or whatever, and they “talk to each other.”

IT Security, “NO, too risky, no portable, and no wireless devices allowed, you must be tethered to the network, and oh by the way, no dl of anything without 100 copies of paperwork, signed in triplicate and initialed on the initials, and sent to the A -Z dept and all 26 depts will look at and determine if you have permission to purchase the software. If you leave anything blank on the form, the process starts over. Oh and there is no guarantee we will grant your request. You’ll hear from us in about 3 months.”

My Dept: <heavy sigh>

That is how my agency/organization does IT. We’re used to it. We just party like it’s 1989.