The way this is phrased, it sounds like they are simply saying “I want to use/try (insert technology here).” Being on the IT side of things myself, I see this a lot. Some suggestions (along with what Henry Brown has already suggested):

  • Form a relationship with IT. Here, we have a monthly meeting (or more or less often, depending on the need) with an IT staff member assigned to each department. It stays the same, so they get an opportunity to understand the department’s business. It gives an opportunity to have someone in IT facilitate things with the IT security staff that will hopefully have some kind of understanding of both the business and security.
  • Give more background information in your request. Instead of just saying “I want to use/try (insert technology here),” put some statements in there of your goal. “I am trying to (reduce a cost/reduce process complexity/improve response time/etc.) and I am thinking that (insert technology here) will help me get there.” That gives IT a better idea of what you are trying to accomplish, can help them research feasibility, and they may come up with an alternative that brings the results while meeting IT security’s needs.