David B. Grinberg

FYI — Excellent article from AP tech writer, via SF Chronicle, summarizing LinkedIn’s current and future prospects from Wall Street to Main Street — LinkedIn v. Facebook.

LinkedIn looks to build on its impressive resume

  • “LinkedIn and Facebook celebrate the anniversaries of their IPOs just a few days apart this week. But the companies’ experiences as publicly traded entities couldn’t be more different.”

  • ” LinkedIn promotes its service as a stepping stone to a more enriching career. As it turns out, the professional networking company’s IPO was a great place to start a rewarding investment portfolio, too. LinkedIn’s stock has nearly quadrupled in value from its $45 IPO price two years ago.”

  • “But for all its success, LinkedIn still hasn’t immersed itself into people’s lives and reshaped technology as profoundly as Facebook has.”

  • ‘Although LinkedIn has been attracting more frequent visits since its IPO, people still spend far more time on Facebook and share more of their lives there.”