David B. Grinberg

Thanks for the repy, Terry.

I think many govies may share your sentiments about LinkedIn. Nevertheless, in addition to connecting with fellow govies, I have a range of professionals in my network — including Hill staffers, political folks, journalists, agency stakeholders, etc.

I consider LinkedIn to be the “go to” electronic Rolodex for the digital age. Moreover, there are many groups on LinkedIn targeted to specific fields of interest — including GovLoop, Gov 2.0, a federal employee group, gov communicators groups, etc.

In short, I’ve found LinkedIn to be an invaluable networking resource.

Shifting gears, I don’t think most agencies use third party social media platforms for internal employee communications. I think email and an intranet site are the two main vehicles within agencies for internal electronic communication and collaboration. There’s also OMB MAX, but I’m not sure whether most agencies use it.

It would be great to hear more about this from folks at larger agencies who do actually use social media platforms for internal communications.

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts on this, Terry. Also, your efforts to help promote Public Service Recognition Week are appreciated.