David B. Grinberg

Thanks for sharing this, Henry, very interesting.

I agree, it’s not all about money, however, salary does play a big part in job satisfaction. Most govies serve not for pay, but the principle of civil service and patriotic duty. It’s that inner feeling of job satisfaction one has at the end of the day/week that comes from helping others and making America a better place for everyone.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, where the heck is our fed pay raise!

This 3-year pay freeze has me feeling like an icicle.

Check out today’s Presidential Memorandum about advancing pay equity for feds. Thank you, Mr. President!

According to the aforementioned memo from the POTUS:

“The Federal Government is the Nation’s largest employer. It has a special responsibility to act as a model employer. While salary ranges in the Federal workforce are generally determined by law, the fixing of individual salaries and other types of compensation can be affected by the exercise of administrative discretion. Such discretion must be exercised in a transparent manner, using fair criteria and adhering to merit system principles, which dictate that equal pay should be provided for work of equal value. In order to further understand how the practices of executive departments and agencies (agencies) affect the compensation of similarly situated men and women, and to promote gender pay equality in the Federal Government and more broadly, I hereby direct the following actions, pursuant to the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States…”