Earl Rice

I will bring up a live experience I had. I was with one Agency that was using a particular software/program to the maximum extent possible. They were really forward thinking in maximizing the potential of the package. I went to another Agency that was (and still is in many ways) lost in their utilization of the software. Well, in the new Agency. I fought an uphill battle for about 90 days explaining how to utilize the system to the maximum with nothing but heart ache (and heart burn). Didn’t help that the team lead just wasn’t a very good leader, a bit insecure, and dearly loved drowning in paperwork. I just decided that it wasn’t a battle to fight at that time (or worth fighting at that time). I will call it a strategic redeployment instead of a retreat. Well, over the next 6 months, I just sat back and watched as more and more directives came out of the “DC Office” stating to utilize the software the way I had been advocating all along. For now, 80% of the things I had said to do have been implemented. And, there were personnel shake ups along the way also, were I am working on a forward looking team, rather than working on a team that is still citing methodology from 5 years ago when the “package” was still in prototype form and nobody knew everything it could do. So some times just biding your time can help.