Henry Brown

couple thoughts come to mind: “When it rains it pours” “If one agency is doing it all must be doing it

From Network World blog:

Reporters threatened with CFAA, labeled hackers for finding security hole

Shoot the messenger: Reporters found a gaping security hole exposing 170,000 Lifeline phone customer records online, but were labeled Scripps Hackers and accused of violating CFAA.

Scripps News reporters discovered 170,000 Lifeline phone customer records online that contained everything needed for identity theft. After requesting an interview with the COO of TerraCom and YourTel, the reaction was kill-the-messenger style; the reporters were called “Scripps Hackers” and threatened with violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

Scripps News was looking into Lifeline, a government program offering affordable phone service for low-income citizens. Last year, the FCC “tightened” the rules for the program by requiring Lifeline phone carriers to document applicants’ eligibility, which led to collecting more sensitive information from citizens.