David B. Grinberg

From the Huffington Post:

White House Reporters Grill Jay Carney Over James Rosen Scandal

  • “The press secretary echoed — almost verbatim — his comments from last week when asked about the AP scandal. He said the president was “a strong defender of the First Amendment and a firm believer in the needs of the press to obtain information.”

  • “He [Carney] added that the administration took leaks “very seriously because leaks can endanger the lives of men and women serving in uniform overseas.”

  • “He [Carney] pointed to the president’s support for a federal shield law, legislation for which the administration asked Sen. Chuck Schumer to reintroduce last week.”

  • “Reporters tried to appeal to Carney’s decades-long career in journalism, asking him how he could condone the Rosen investigation as a “former reporter.”

  • “Carney refused to bite. When continuously pressed by CBS News’ Major Garrett, he returned to his go-to response: “I cannot, of course, comment on a specific ongoing investigation.”