Many good points here but I am stuck on the one that sounded like “using disaster funds for propaganda purposes.”

That aside – maybe if we thought more critically and were more engaged as well – we would avoid spending money and time on ill-conceived projects.

Also if we thought more, maybe we would stop doing things the slow way out of habit. Avoiding change that can help.

Simple example – project bulletin board where you check on your tasks rather than waiting for an email reminder.

As for public affairs if we would simply be more transparent on the one hand and more clear about telling our story on the other, we could clear up a lot of needless confusion. (That includes telling both sides of the story and admitting mistakes.)

Also more efficient would be to let our experts talk freely and share research without having to filter constantly through a central organizer of speech. While having clear policies and procedures for accountability so as not to release information in appropriatelly or undermine operations.

(As always all opinions my own.)