David B. Grinberg

Thanks for the awesome comments, Phoung. You make numerous excellent points. In particular:

  • “Federal agencies cannot afford to ignore the critical soft skills requirements for all positions that have the authority over personnel management practices and decisions. Make it a qualification and selection criteria.”

Additionally, I would apply these same standards to all federal employees and applicants. While soft-skills may be most pertinent for managers, I think the entire federal workforce needs to master these critically important tools to be more effective and efficient across the broad range of federal job categories and grade levels.

Fortunately, some federal employees and managers already have admirable soft-skills. These are the folks who know how to work cooperatively and productively in a team setting to get the job done. These are the folks who make the federal workforce shine and counterbalance all those with poor soft-skills government-wide.

In essence, those with strong soft-skills are the ones who usually stand out and get ahead.