Kim Danek


My concern is around the people in your photos. Playing devil’s advocate here, do you have releases from the subjects that allow you to put their photos on your site? If not, that might be the bigger problem because if you don’t have their permission, even though the photo may have been taken at a public event, they might not like their photo (or that of their children) being put on a public website. If you do have their permission, through a signed release, it is probably for your department’s official use, not for anything else. Or it is so broad that the signer may not realize that they are giving you permission to use it in more ways than the subject might have assumed or intended?

This leads to the second half of this. Here’s my fictional scenario. I signed a release form that says you have my permission to use my daughter’s photo of her catching the prize fish of the tournament for the city’s website. Do I want her photo being used to promote “Johns’ Bait and Tackle?” Maybe not because I use the other shop in town or I collect my own worms.

I would check witht the city attorneys about phot release policies and see what they have to say if you haven’t looped them in already.

I hope you continue with the photos. They look great!