David B. Grinberg

Thanks for sharing this interesting info, Henry.

It appears that online privacy in today’s digital/mobile world has become more and more rare — if not a thing of the past already. This is especially true with gov national security matters per the Patriot Act and related executive or legislative actions, etc.

However, it’s a bit different when foreign govs totally blocks social media sites and/or prosecutes citizens based upon online speech alleged to be hateful or inflammatory.

Per your point, is any online activity by citizens — or even gov — really “confidential” anymore? I think not, just look at the Chinese hackers and Wiki-leaks, for example.

Perhaps that’s just the “brave new world” we live in, as Aldous Huxley famous novel.

Maybe folks need to go back to meeting in basements of garages to exchange really confidential info or to blow the whistle, like “deep throat” did in Watergate. Back to basics, so to speak.