David B. Grinberg

Interesting op-ed from Kathleen Parker in the Washington Post. I usually don’t agree with her point of view, but she makes some sense here.

Googled to tears

  • “In these post-Snowden days, the notion of anonymity is ludicrous. But so it has been for some time…”

  • “While Americans bemoan their loss of privacy…it is helpful to recall our own role in this gradual process of, shall we say, regurgitative knowingness.”

  • “That is, our apparent willingness to show and tell every little thing in the quest to be known. Fame and Celebrity are…in the public forum…”

  • “These acts of baboonery, not so feigned after all, are unsubtly reminiscent of chimpanzees who, unconsciously aware of the camera’s hostile intrusion, try to offend it with grimaces, grins and lingual extrusions.”

  • “Now, suddenly we’re offended that national security operatives are following our behavior patterns? Cue Cheetah’s laugh track.”