David B. Grinberg

Let’s just keep in mind that the goal of these programs is to protect the American homeland and U.S. citizens from an international terrorist attack — the next of which may pale in comparison to 9/11 by potentially taking out an entire American city with a crude nuclear device or chemical/biological weapons.

Yes, the federal government is protecting America.

Moreover, these surveillance programs have reportedly been in place for the past seven years and were covered in detail by USA Today a few years back. Thus, this is old news in that sense.

But don’t tell that to the mainstream media which thrives on super-sized sensationalism to boost news ratings and corporate revenue. Even at their best, the media sometimes only get the story half right, especially when classified information is selectively leaked to news organizations.

Moreover, illegally releasing such highly classified gov intelligence gathering information hurts us by helping our enemies learn more about our national security surveillance apparatus.

Such unlawful top secret disclosures are considered espionage and treason against America, just in case anyone cares about that.

The smart thing to do would have been to share such concerns quietly with members of the U.S. Congress who can leverage their lawmaking power and influence to make concrete changes for the better, as needed and appropriate.

Aiding and abetting America’s geopolitical enemies by leaking top secret national security information is nothing to celebrate or be proud of. To the contrary, it deserves disrepute and jail time.