Henry Brown

Two separate issues….

Protection of Data:

Believe most of the safeguards are already in place HOWEVER the enforcement/implentation of same at times can be somewhat less than optimal.

The other thing that bothers me is in most cases the agency dealing with the “Big Data” is responsible for the protection of its data in ALL situations

Wish somehow that politics could be completly taken out of the picture but alas…

Needs to be a reasonable balance between protecting the data and a reasonable amount of productivity

Misuse of Data

IMO transparency will go a long way to insure proper usage of big-data.

Again as with the protection of the data the prevention of misuse lies directly on the agency who “owns” the data, which IMO can create some issues about its use

Believe that bipartisan politics needs to be involved in this issue in that a consensus must be reached in the use of the data.

Should be no deviation from the use policy unless there has been an open political agreement for the new usage