David B. Grinberg

Steven, thanks very much for your comprehensive reply and insightful perspective. A few thoughts…

1) Why weren’t you using the one-year old BlackBerry — personal reasons, IT issues/professional reasons, or both? I’m curious because I still use a gov-issued Blackberry on a regular basis, even though my agency has a leading BYOD program.

2) First, the top managers in my office use BYOD, as well as division supervisors and others. I think those who like BYOD should use it. Second, I think gov agencies should also offer the option of issuing a smart-device — other than BlackBerries — to those who don’t own a smartphone or tablet, as well as to those who choose to opt out of BYOD for personal reasons.

3) I agree that smart-devices should be issued to all gov execs that need them — and who may choose to opt out of the BYOD program and/or need the device to engage in BYOD.

4) I agree that agency leadership should endorse such programs, as they deem appropriate. That message would then trickle down to managers, supervisors and employees. Leadership starts at the top and sets the example agency-wide.

Thanks again, Steven for sharing your valuable insights.