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1) How is BYOD progressing at your agency?
A: Slowly at best. To put this in perspective, we just received new BlackBerries that replaced one-year-old BlackBerries, which mine has sat in my desk for the last year.
2) Are your managers/supervisors embracing or rejecting BYOD?
A: I would say 50/50. Some managers do embrace and point employees to sign up for the ‘Good for Enterprise’ service that is endorsed by our IT Department. However, there are those who are averse to change and want two separate devices at the end of the day to separate their work and personal lives.
3) What’s your preferred device for BYOD?
A: iPhone (iOS)
3) Should BYOD be mandatory for federal executives (GS-13 & up)?
A: Why not? Let’s have the discussion and conversation and see how that would be received. Sounds pretty innovative and cost effective to me.
4) What are still the biggest hurdles for gov-wide adoption of BYOD?
A: Culture and different mindsets of generations at the office. Again, there are the outliers to consider, but until endorsement happens from the top, the idea and cost savings to be realized will never come to pass. I am optimistic however and see in the next five years, we will have to have this discussion given the current fiscal challenges in gov’t today.