How do you unplug? Great question. This question is a work and life balance question. The following actions work for me so I suggest the following:
1) put your work Iphone and/or laptop away once your tour of duties is complete or on your off-duty days,
2) don’t carry your IPhone or BlackBerry with you when you are at your work location or at your work desk,
3) do not accept more assignments if you have already known that you have been overwhelming with your paid and assigned duties and projects. Be candid with your supervisor about it. If you accept, it becomes your responsibilities to deliver. Once you are considered a deliverer, more will be put on you and you are expected to perform. You make your boss look good with his boss, and your boss will make you look bad and fail you if you later on reject to accept new or existing assignments or projects.
4) you can provide your supervisor a phone number where you can be reached or an email where you can be reached on off-duty days or after your tour-of-duty schedule,
5) do whatever makes you happy
6) find good mentors or friends who can provide you good career advice and support
7) have the courage to say, “I cannot take more” from the beginning. If you are a deliverer, a bad boss will ignore your concerns but you must stay on course.
8) make sure you read your job description carefully so you know what your duties are.