David, I missed reading this. Thanks for resending it. I would support this remote/virtual work
arrangement for Congress. I do believe members of Congress can vote remotely and should be called to DC for strategic legislative meetings or decisions which cannot be accomplished in a meaningful way via the virtual arrangement. I do think members of Congress should stay local and engaged closely with their constituents. It should work well. Also, this is a great way to reduce the budget deficit too since members of Congress will receive locality pay for that state. If you think of operating in time of national crisis, the virtual or remote working arrangement is an excellent way to remain operational. I do think the whole Federal government should push harder for telework/virtual/remote work arrangement for all executive, legislative and judicial branches. Putting officials and employees closer to their home town is a great way to balance work and personal obligations, to support and engage more effectively with local community, to strengthen local economy, and to effectively respond to professional responsibilities in case of national crisis. These are some of the thoughts I have on this issue!