Henry Brown

Fox Buisiness 6 minute Video

IMO typical mass media spreading of FUD although there are alot of good points…

Commentary on video by Veracode Blog:
Last night our CTO and Co-Founder Chris Wysopal joined Fox Business’ The Willis Report to chat about medical record privacy in a segment titled “Digital Records Putting Your Health Information at Risk?”

In the six minute segment Chris talks about “the dark side” of putting medical data online in cloud servers. Among the stats thrown around;

50% of doctors offices put customer data online,
80% of hospitals put customer data online,
21 million people had electronic records stolen in last 3 years,
94% of healthcare companies report data breaches.

Staggering numbers no doubt, you might be asking exactly how dangerous is this information? Health insurance fraud, financial identity theft, credit risk and even personal endangerment. If a someone undergoes a medical procedure under your identity, your medical records become flawed. health-care-companies-hackedIn a scenario where you’re undergoing emergency procedures your records could say you’ve had your appendix out when in fact you haven’t.