Brandi R. Bernal

I believe Linkedin should be more than a medium to connect with people I would do favors for. Afterall, if I would do a favor for you, we are probably connected via several other platforms such as work, e-mail, and phone. If I use Linkedin ONLY to connect with people whom I “favor” than for goodness sakes, what’s the point? That’s like having 6 contact numbers for the same person. I look to Linkedin to connect with people I want to learn more about or strive to be someday. Linkedin allows me to connect with people on a professional level to share ideas and learn new ones. I would never friend the director of my agency on Facebook, but I have connected with him on Linkedin. Not only do I believe that’s appropriate, I’m grateful there is a place other than the hallways of my building where executives who would normally not know my name, get to know a little bit more about what I bring to the workplace and how our professional lives intersect.