Dave Hebert

Gwynne, I wholeheartedly agree that 1.) there are a number of better questions to be asked here. 2.) blame for journalism’s problems exists in the mirror, not to mention across our culture, and 3.) we have got to let our definition of journalism evolve.

However, I don’t think the principle of free press (whether gathered under a corporate roof or simply under one passionate citizen’s roof) that seeks objective accountability for power is something we need to leave behind. And I’m pretty skeptical that such a principle will simply arise out of that environment you describe without deliberate nurturing and standards, particularly without being executed in the name of some agenda.

That’s where my question aims: Can more resources (whether it’s at the Post or elsewhere) invigorate that, or do we need to let that go?

That doesn’t answer your very good questions about this particular transaction, of course, and I have no idea whether Bezos cares about journalism at all. As usual, I’m just shooting from the hip. But like you, I will be pretty curious to see what happens.