Scott Horvath

Certainly there’s going to be some innovation with the Washington Post as a news distribution organization. I think right off the bat there won’t be too much change…at least for 6-8 months. But then I can see that there’s going to be a major shift in the way that distribution is handled, sold, etc. The Washington Post has a major legacy as a news distribution organization and one of the few major players still around and I’m sure that Bezos doesn’t want to, personally, see it die out and also knows there’s some major opportunities to change it’s business model and improve the business. He sees an opportunity to fix something and knows that this is a major investment and will continue to be for awhile. It doesn’t hurt that Amazon is a publishing platform itself and there’s certainly some advantages to be taken with buying the WashPost.

Like you said there’s definitely some political content and there’s a need for objectivity in writing. I’m not how that will change with Bezos at the helm. But if the content becomes more positive and accepting of Bezos-related investments and ventures then it’s going to taint the reputation with readers. I hope that doesn’t happen.

Only time will tell and I’m sure everyone will be watching and waiting to see what’s next…maybe he can help us to culturally stop calling it a “paper.”