David B. Grinberg

Thanks for your exemplary observations, Peter. You always seem to hit the nail on the head!

I think the bottom line for remote workers is that they must be proactive, productive and accountable as a basic foundation to build from. Some co-workers and managers will always resent remote work until it becomes the norm gov-wide on a grand scale.

While I’m not a big fan of corporate America, at least they supply staff with the latest IT tools to do the job in accordance with the evolving contemporary workplace. Yes, gov will get there too, but it will take much longer.

Regarding a Results Only Work Environment (ROWE), that’s certainly way off in the future. OPM apparently conducted a small scale internal pilot that only yielded mixed results, at least based on whatever criteria they used. I think there should be more experimentation and pilot projects gov-wide for ROWE, similar to the experimentation and implementation of BYOD.

Again, Peter, thank you for sharing your always awesome insights.