David B. Grinberg

Thanks Henry, as always, for your unique insights — which are very much appreciated.

I’m just wondering what your Top 5 best practices or tips are for those of us who do telework on a regular or periodic basis?

Did any of the 18 tips offered by Inc.com appeal to you when working remotely? If so, which ones? If not, why didn’t they?

Also, while there has been much interest in — and discussion about — telework over the years I’m not sure there’s a universal consensus among actual teleworkers on priority best practices.

What works for some may not work for others. For example, I don’t go to Starbucks or any other coffee shop to work when I’m teleworking. For me that would be a major distraction and an unproductive endeavor.

I would, however, get some overpriced java to go and then resume working at my home office.

What are your thoughts, kind sir?