Lori Zipes

We recently did some silly awards to try to boost morale. We identified some people who had done some good work – maybe not even anything herculean – just good stuff well done and maybe some twist to it, then came up with a mock award and accompanying silly gift. So someone who had been handling a lot of things no one else wanted to do was “Queen of crap jobs” and got a tiara. One who handled a lot of problems caused by others (outside our organization) got an award for “Cleaning up Messes” and received a pooper scooper (painted gold!) A young employee who did a great job repairing some ancient hardware no one else would touch was “I can fix anything older than me” and a toy toolbox. We did about 10, enough to send the message, but also leave room for another round in the future. A few of us ponied up for the gifts. It was really well received. It’s fun for the “award committee” too – boy we laughed a lot as we came up with the ideas!