Terrence Hill

I am what I would consider a “closet intrapraneaur.” I have learned to temper my enthusiasm for change, but I have never lost the spark of creativity and innovation that are the hallmark of a true intrapraneur.

I often find like-minded intrapraneurs by accident. I may be assigned to a project that draws other intrapreneurs out of the woodwork. Often they are new employees, who still have that intrapreneurial glow, which is like a breath of fresh air.

I think that there ought to be a society of intrapreneurs who could collaborate on meaningful cross-cutting projects under the protection of the White House. Sort of like an internal version of the White House Fellows. Whatever you do, keep the legal folks far away from these projects. Maybe you could issue them credentials that exclude them from the normal beaurocratic process that tends to kill the intrapreneurial spirit.