Henry Brown

a rather short commentary from Work Anywhere Nation’s blog:

Author Fred Pilot:
Deloitte white paper foresees decline of the centralized commuter office

In the modern Industrial Age, the centralized commuter office (CCO) and the 9-5 work schedule predominated. No longer in today’s “open talent economy,” according to a white paper recently issued by Deloitte, Workplace of the Future: Creating an Elastic Workplace. “No longer are employees bound together by place—in the open talent economy, they can work together from anywhere on the globe,” writes U.S.-based Deloitte Director Tracy Haugen. “As more teams work across time zones, the traditional 9-to-5 workday could become obsolete.”

The implication of the demise of a set work schedule for knowledge work is that the CCO is also on the way out since the fixed work schedule is tightly bound to the CCO. Haugen apparently sees that possibility. “As workplace flexibility and virtual teams become the norm for getting things done, managers, team leaders, and executives will need to improve their skills and broaden their expectations,” she writes. “Office-and company-based work may cease to be the norm.”