Marie Koko

Ironically, I don’t have to say a thing. They come to me! They WANT to serve! Most of my students see a future in diplomacy or the IC or doing government research, but few here in “flyover country” feel this sense of ennui expressed by the kids at Harvard.

Indeed, so many of the Midwestern Millennial generation with whom I work daily have a palpable HUNGER for the idealism that Obama laid out when he ran the first time; for the notion of a government that can and does do good work for its people. These kids still believe, and they aren’t solely motivated by the almighty dollar. They want to help, to make a difference, to change the world. They are the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert generation and THEY see the thuggery of what’s happening in DC with clear eyes. Then again, they are college educated in the liberal arts, and how to think and how to question is part of the curriculum! Despite the Sequester and the shut down – they are coming to see me in droves so the sooner the House stops playing Playground Bully with the nation’s checkbook and puts people back to work the happier we’ll all be.