David B. Grinberg

Mark, thank you very much for sharing your unique perspective on this issue.

First, regarding NYC, I believe it’s still possible to see Lady Liberty from a ferry boat even though the main grounds are closed. At least that may be better than nothing as you can get fairly close.

Regarding the shutdown, the only real good that will come out of this mess is if the President and Congress agree on a macro framework to effectively govern in the most bi-partisan manner possible going forward. There are so many big issues to tackle like debt reduction, tax reform, entitlement reform, climate change, corporate welfare, growing income inequality, etc.

Thus let’s hope that Congress and the President can use this time to put partisan differences aside and reach agreement via a so-called “Grand Bargain” that will address some of the big issues.

Unfortunately, I think it’s likely this shutdown won’t end any time soon. That is, until the two sides at least tackle the debt ceiling issue as part of reopening the government – and hopefully with backpay for all the furloughed feds.

Thanks again for weighing in on this Mark, your insights are instructive and most welcome – as always!