David B. Grinberg

Julie, I thought you would find this article of interest based on your insightful comments. Thank you for your service to America’s armed forces.

U.S. military braces for full effect of shutdown – Global Post

  • “Much of the Defense Department’s civilian workforce are employed at bases across the country, and the military relies on them to keep equipment running and logistical networks humming.”

  • “If the shutdown drags on for weeks, planned work at shipyards and aircraft depots will have to be put off, routine administration will be neglected and some units will have to forgo training unless it is directly related to critical operations, officials said.”

  • “But civilians play a role in just about every military undertaking, and under the law, only some of them can be designated as “essential” to stay on the job.”

  • “As a result, military officers said they were unsure exactly how the shutdown would play out while legal advisers weighed whether a larger number of civilians could be deemed exempt from furloughs.”