Julie Chase

1) Is a government shutdown ever justified (federal, state or local)? If so, when and why? If not, why not?

A: Poor planning on the governments parts is not an emergency or reason to shut down on my part. I have bills to pay too. And I’m not a GS14 living in DC with a Blackberry.

2) Who is to blame for the current predicament, Congress, the President, a particular party or faction within a party, all of the above, none of the above?

A: Most like to blame squarely on one side or the other. Actually it’s both side equally. As an independent/moderate, I can see the forest through the trees. I did not vote to send someone to represent me and my state so they could continually argue (not about what is best for the country) about which side is “right”. The answer is “neither”.

3) Will the shutdown end soon or drag on for weeks to coincide with the pressing issue of raising the national debt ceiling?

A: who is to know. I am essential because my organization supports the troops directly with their logistics and transportation to do “their” mission. Yesterday and today, our organization had to tell them that we were out of gasoline in our fleet vehicles and they could not get more, since our budget has not been given to us and we are responsible for paying for the fuel costs. We cannot turn around the GME or equipment now in maintenance because we do not have the money to order parts to repair their mission commercial vehicles. This hurts.

4) How has the shutdown affected YOU personally?

My organization supports our troops. I see them every day. I am front line customer service and to me I am at a loss because through no fault of my own or my organizations for that matter, I cannot support them. I am essential, I am working for no pay, but it just hurts that I have to tell our men and women in uniform that we can’t help them.

5) What aspect of the shutdown frustrates you the most?

A: What frustrates me the most is the people I elected to get the job done are still being paid and have not accomplished a thing. We are short 2 billets, and cannot hire anyone. Everyone is pitching in to keep our organization afloat and working real hard to give our customers what they need to do their mission and we are powerless. Apathy is creeping in and that is scary.