Mike Giuffrida

Before I close the discussion, I wanted to say thank you to all who participated. It was excellent to see the response, and I think for me personally, it enabled me to gain an even further insight into the all important application of veteran’s preference. This is obviously a very important area that people are rightly very passionate about, but it also does feel like there is complexity here that makes it very difficult for people to understand at times. Thank you to the subject matter experts that provide information here.

One point that is clear is that the average age of the Federal workforce is increasing, baby boomers are increasingly approaching retirement, and our % of younger workers in the Federal space is very low compared to the private sector. So, with regards to ongoing delivery of the agency missions, something is going to have to give. Being an HR technologist, and thinking about this from a technology point of view – I think technology has a big role to play here in highlighting these issues in a more consolidated way. This is something we will continue to focus on in our discussions.

Given the 5 points above introduced in this discussion triggered a number of branches of debate, I think that it would be interesting to focus in on one or maybe 2 areas in future posts. See if we can really zero in on some positive changes that we can make.

Thanks again to all.