Earl Rice

You got me wrong, I have never had a problem with having non-qualified or poorly qualified Veterans “poluting” the top of the list. Much to the contrary, I have always had highly qualified Veterans in the best qualified. That is as long as best qualfied isn’t defined as the daughter of a current employee, or the son of a neighbor (i.e. cronyism, nepotism, etc.). Now I have had problems with the huge volume of applicants, and it would be very cubersom to administer testing to 300 or 400 hundred applicants. The administration of testing reminds me of the old Civil Service Commission. I remember hearing of one very small Agency in DC, that did the initial cut, then ask for a writing sample, then asked for a work example, then asked for…..which all takes time, and basically the really good applicants will find a job someplace else while they did all the additional steps (probably just as well since they were sliced and diced up last year with sequestration and re-allingments). I have never been with an Agency (I have served in 3) that administered tests. As a matter of fact, I don’t know if OPM even administers tests anymore. I haven’t observed anything that would show that they do. Doing the interviews before the construction of the certificate, that is something I have to question if it would stand up under legal review. I sure wouldn’t feel comfortable with and probably would NOT work with an agency that does things that way. It is completely contrary to the DEU handbook. I could see getting by with it for Merit Promotion, but I sure wouldn’t do it for a DEU All US Citizen announcement. But, as I have stated over and over, problems finding immenently qualified applicants is not an issue. Probelms with technology allowing to me function most efficiently has been. As stated, I also truly believe that Veterans have already paid for their right to be at the top of the list, especially disabled Veterans. And, any attempt to circumvent that, is contrary to the the spirit of the Laws.