Julie Chase

yes, David paragraph 3. My husband told me the “exact” same thing. Thank you for the insight. I have been getting bits and pieces of this and so far you and Earl have put it together correctly.

It makes sense when I read an “education” paragraph requesting a degree and the next paragraph OR combination of education and experience. I have also read some blogs that “experience” and./or education while active duty doesn’t count in the civilian world. My husband told me that is wrong information. He gained his education and experience refitting F4’s and C130’s in the Air Force. (yes we are old people). He told me that the staffing has got away with putting over educated non vets in supervisory positions that they have no clue that the military is a place where education and experience count. When he was at Chanute (sp)….there were intensive classes on “metals”….while I don’t know all the science of it….he told me it wasn’t like, “here is a piece of metal for a plane, take this rivet gun and put into place”. There were a lot of math classes involved as well.

I hope you continue to get all this straight. I apologize if I have seemed to you as bashing vets. I want to get the “right” information. From what I read on various networking gov blogs….vet preference is NOT mentioned. It seems to be…just network with someone you know, find a headhunter website, check Facebook and LinkedIn…and there you go. None if this, I see is right, so the next question is….how do you stop this incorrect information?

And thank you for letting me know the list is meaningless…this is what I was told….when enquiring.

RE: the NASA announcement. Happens all the time. As one poster said, announcements are “tailored” to who they want….and if that person doesn’t appear on the cert, the job is suddenly closed. I have seen job open for 24 hours. I smell a rat.

Do you offer any advice for young college grads who want to work as a civil servant? I am thinking, patience is a virtue.