David Dean

Veterans as a whole are becoming more knowledgeable and more apt to file an appeal. As the chances of winning a veteran’s case more lawyers are becoming involved. Under the Equal Access to Justice Act, if a lawyer substantially wins the case (win only one part) the lawyer will be compensated by the taxpayer at the going hourly rate for the area, plus the lawyer will receive a third of what the lawyer wins for the veteran.

The case we have won have been pro se. The two that I have won have been pro se. Hopefully more lawyers will become more involved in veterans hire in the federal government. Meanwhile we continue to file cases on our own. At least it is apparent that most federal managers are aware of the adverse consequences that can occur when they knowlingly, or unkowingly, violate our rights.

It has taken us approximately 15 years to arrive where we are. No stopping now.

We were in the wilderness from 1987 until 2010. It finally begin to hit home with these officials yes federal law applies to hiring veterans and you opinion does not matter.