Tim Enright

Hi Earl. I must say this has been such an informative discussion. It’s led me to read up on Category Rating and the application of Veterans Preference. I found this OPM link to be useful: http://www.opm.gov/policy-data-oversight/human-capital-management/hiring-reform/reference/hrspecialisttraining.pdf

One question, I’ve noticed the word “eligible” or “eligibility” as it relates to an applicant. All of the discussion about Vets floating automatically to the top based on their disability rating- don’t they have to be basically eligible? If you could help me out with a scenario it might clear things up for me. I personally did 2 tours in Iraq. Once as a young paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne during Desert Storm then in OIF 2 as an old NCO. On my last tour soldiers went through the process of getting their VA rating. A number of my soldiers received ratings of over 30% due to injuries. So, one of them visits USAJOBS and finds a 0622 Medical Supply Tech job. While they may have helped the supply sergeant out on occasion they don’t have the necessary qualifications- does he still float to the top of highest quality category since he is a CPS Vet?

Ok, that’s Vet pref. on to Social Media. A few users of LinkedIn include VA, specifically VHA:
http://www.linkedin.com/company/department-of-veterans-affairs/careers I’ve seen IRS, CFPB, and others use as well.

Here’s the thing about USAJOBS, yes it’s the central jobs portal for most (not all) federal jobs- but there is a downside. OPM doesn’t have millions of dollars to advertise the site and drive “traffic”. Typically the visitors to USAJOBS are those that “know” to go there. Even OPM has talked about the need for agencies to consider “alternate sourcing” to reach a broader pool of potential applicants.

I’ll jump back in later, but my iPad is about to run out of juice. Thanks for your work at VA helping our nations Veterans get high quality care!