David Dean

Julie, a veteran can apply for any job that is announced. The federal government does not set aside jobs. Veterans are the only protected class that has a route to file an appeal if they are not put on the list, passed over, or in some way veteran preference is circumvented. Very few federal jobs are restricted to education only.

There is nothing special about a Shedule A appointment. Veteran preference applies. Some federal jobs allow education only, that is being contested in the Pathways Program, a combination of education, training and experience, or experience. It does not matter the method of qualification is used, veteran preference still applies.

People on these web sites ramble on and on about qualifications. Under the Rule of Three all a veteran had to make was a 70. Then either five or ten points were added. If a non veteran scored 100, the veteran still went ahead. When you talke about qualification it is revelant, revelant to what? On the Category Rating system a a 10 points compensable veteran will go into Category 1, a 10 points non compensable can go to Category 1, but a 10 points compensable veteran will still go to the head of the list. If management wants to passover the 10 points compensable veteran the manager has to request OPM to allow a passover, the veteran has to be notified and given 30 days to contest the passover, and if the veteran is passed over the veteran files with DOLVETS, DOLVETS has never found an appeal by a veteran has merit, then the veteran goes to the MSPB, if the passover is up held in the MSPB a veteran can appeal to the full board or go straight to the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. This Honorable Court is the progemy Article III of the Constitution,i.e., a Federal Court. Thye next stop is the US Supreme Court.

The list you have posted above is out of context and meaningless. I do not any other way to explain.

NASA posted a so called Schedule A world nation wide job announce. Just for the hell of it I applied as a 30% or more, 10 points compensable disabled veteran. The announcement was open until 2014, within 30 days the announcement was closed.