Earl Rice

Back to the basics, what I need to do my job as a staffer is:

1. An up to date desktop/laptop I don’t care. Something with more than 2 megs of ram, and a 1.2 gig processor.

2. A network connection faster than 564k.

3. Managers to stop gripping because who they have predetermined they want to see on the list isn’t there (ergo stop pre-selection, cronyism, and thinly veiled nepotism).

With these 3 things, I can clear most of the bottlenecks and provide high quality applicants.

(And today, I found out that there are a bunch of “head hunter” sites that are posting Government jobs. What shocked me was, they had somehow got the link for an internal facility announcement, and it was plastered all over the internet. This I didn’t need. Gave a false illusion to people outside the facility that they could apply. The only way to apply was to have the link to the announcement which they provided, it’s not showing on USAJOBS searches. Don’t know how they did it, but wish someone would stop them.)