Julie Chase

Earl, clear as mud. lol RE: the last paragraph and David Dean, please add what you know. What do mean when you say,

“Just go ahead and announce it to all Status Candidates, where Veterans Preference allows Vets to apply but nothing special after that, and the manager can choose anyone from the list of status candidates provided.”

How can a manager “choose anyone”. I really want to understand the “how” as well as the “why”. Are there ever times when a job is announced and there are no vet applicants…does this hold true for GS6’s and below?

And David, or Earl…is there a simple list of what status goes where? What is meant by “minimal qualifications”? This was a term given to me when I asked questions.

Example: the following people apply for the same job posting

30%+ disabled vet

Vet not disabled, college degree

vet Schedule A

non vet, no college

non vet, college degree

non vet, Schedule A no college

non vet, Schedule A college degree

I am so glad this thread is here. For once and for all, the correct information is getting out there.

Thank you.