David Dean

At this point one aspect of the Pathways program was placed in the hands of the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit yesterday. Three appeals are at the MSPB. One appeal is on point taking the Recent Graduate provision of Pathways head to head. Two others address the continued use of the rule of three instead of the category rating procedure. Your guess is as good as mine as to the final outcome.

The Merit Selection, avoiding veteran preference in internal hiring, is at the Supreme Court. A group of old flower children at Stanford Law School is handing that pro bono. Might be some guilt regarding spiting on us, throwing urine and feces on us as we came through the ‘Frisco Airport returning from the deNam. What ever it is greatly appreciated. It does not matter why they have taken our case.

Two appeals involving the Department of the Air Force and the Consumer Product Safety Commission continued use of the FCIP are awaiting Administrative Judge’s decision. Within a year we should have the final rulings from the MSPB and th CAFC. Two at most.

The so called Outstanding Scholars program continued for approximately 26 years simply because veterans did not challenge the application. The FCIP was the same. We will see what will result.

I own a young combat veteran. He was in the sand box at 18 YOA. Two full tours. He has three combat patches, his most prized is the 82nd Airborne Division. He will start college in January 2014. Oh, he calls me Gram’pa.