Peter Sperry

From this morning’s news reports —

WASHINGTON (AP) — The federal government says it hired the highest percentage of military veterans in more than two decades in fiscal year 2012, with veterans making up about 29 percent of the 195,000 new employees.

If veterans made up 29%, it is a fairly safe assumption the other 71% were not veterans. So at a time when the federal government is making a concerted effort to give preference to veterans, 138,450 non veterans still manged to make it through the process and become new federal employees.

Maybe, just maybe, staffing personnel may want to put more effort into attracting highly qualified applicants regardless of vetran status since it does appear likely that even with veterans preference, a fairly high percentage of new hires will come from outside the former milatary community.

And maybe those who blame their failure to make it through the selection process on veterens preference might want to spend more time emulating the 138,450 nonvets who managed to get hired and less time complaining about a biased system.